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Used wire drawing machine

With a used wire drawing machine the diameter resp. the cross-section of a wire is being reduced. To do this the wire is pulled through a drawing die, which has a through bore slightly smaller than the entering wire. The wire is driven by the capstans, which are mostly connected by a gear box to the motors. These capstans surfaces are made from hardened steel or ceramics.
Used wire drawing machines are divided into machine for ferrous (like iron and steel wire) and non-ferrous (like copper or aluminium) wire. Because iron and steel being much sturdier than non-ferrous matreials the drawing machines for this material are often bigger in construction with more power. Also the drawing speeds are slower with these machines.
Because the meachanical stress applied by this cold reforming process the wire looses it's flexibility through the drawing process. To compensate this wire are often annealed after they are drawn to the desired diameter. In non-ferrous wire drawing this is done with electrical resistance in-line annealers, while iron and steel wires are mostly put in seperate ovens.

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